Michael talks to doctors, professors and students at the Ayurvedic Center in Wagholi, Pune, December 13, 2018

Dr Sardeshmukh, the Director of the Bharatiya Sanskriti Darshan Trust in Wagholi, Pune, India, and two of our senior doctors, arranged for me to talk about our Heal the Heels of India project to people from the Ayurvedic college here. The attendees included the Principal, professors and students from the college, and others who work at the local hospital, including the Superintendent and some of the doctors and staff. Doctors from the Panchakarma Center also attended.

The meeting went very well!

As a result of this talk, the Principal of the college and our senior doctors have agreed to initiate a methodical research study using our Ayurvedic cream in their hospitals here and in the villages where students are sent twice a year, as part of the National Student Service program (NSS).

The doctors will also research the efficacy of the cream in treating other skin-related problems as we believe the cream may have healing benefits for conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

They also plan to make other colleges and institutions in India aware of our project, to help to expand the cream’s usage in the NSS program elsewhere as well. Further, they will help us connect with the district managers in different parts of India, so that our cream can be used to compliment national government health initiatives in the Tribal Village areas.

We are very appreciative for all of the support we are receiving to help move this project forward. Below is a video of the talk.

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