India visit December 2018

During the months of December, January and February, Dr. Willo-Jordan Walker and Michael Weiner will be in India traveling in the States of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Dr. Walker and Michael will be visiting a wide variety of diverse public and private Ayurvedic and allopathic Medical hospitals and centers, health and healing NGOs and community centers, and spiritual communities in these states with the goal of working to personally expand the awareness of and support for the Heal the Heels of India project.

Dr. Walker and Michael will also be meeting and working with Ashok Shinkar and some of his staff in India to collaborate on implementing additional developmental plans and strategies to help expand the goals and objectives of The Heal the Heels of India project.

Dr. Walker is presently en route to a couple of European countries for the next couple of weeks, mainly Austria and Hungry, where he will be meeting with some socially and spiritually minded business leaders and organizations who have expressed interest in providing support for the Heal The Heals of India project.

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