Key people

The key people overseeing the organization and administration of Heal The Heels Of India have the necessary background , knowledge and experience to achieve the goals and objectives of this project.

Dr. Willo WalkerDr. Willo Jordan-Walker
Dr. Walker is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and has been deeply immersed in the practice of Oriental Medicine for over 20 years. During this time he also traveled and studied extensively in China.

Additionally, Dr. Walker has a 30-year background in various bodywork modalities, including Shiatsu, and is a skilled Tui Na teacher. His approach to Qigong draws from the Five Elements, Japanese, Classical Chinese, TCM, and French Energetics.

Dr. Walker is a certified NADA trainer and has operated a NADA clinic in Victoria B.C. for ten years.

Dr. Walker has presented hundreds of workshops on a wide variety of health and healing topics and is known for his passionate teaching style and deep understanding of the subject matter. More recently, he has travelled to India every year for the past decade, treating patients there in rural medical clinics.

Michael WeinerMichael Weiner
Michael Weiner has over 40 years experience as a pioneer in marketing natural and organic food, medicine and personal-care products in all distribution channels throughout the Canadian, U.S. and Australian Markets.

During this period, he has also been involved in personal, spiritual meditation programs in many different parts of India.

Both of these aspects of Michael’s life have served to make him acutely aware of the multiple health issues that many people in rural Indian villages experience on a daily basis and how effective relatively simple, high quality, low-cost natural remedies can be in healing some of these issues.

During a recent spiritual retreat to India, traveling with Dr Willo Walker to many rural Indian villages, the gravity and high incidence of cracked feet and heels among village woman became very apparent.

Micheal Weiner and Dr Willo Walker discovered how a low-cost, natural, highly emollient, lanolin-based Ayurvedic creme could be used over a short period of time to assist in healing cracked heels and feet. Their awareness and continued experimentation with this formula among many village woman evolved into the birth of the Heal the Heals of India project.

Ashok ShinkarAshok Shinkar
Ashok Shinkar is a socially-inclined investment banker with over 20 years of experience in finance, lending, investment banking, complex deal,restructuring, organizational management, corporate turnarounds and stress asset resolutions and real estate project development.

Ashok’s multifaceted business activities have been substantial, both in terms of their financial scope and impact on a wide variety of business and social communities. Having held leading positions in the past with Capital First, JM Morgan Stanley, SSKI Corporate Finance etc., Ashok has more recently founded the Strugence Benevolent Foundation, a “not for profit” company focused on creating a deep social impact in areas of healthcare, malnutrition, green energy and housing.

Ashok is currently devoting his time and resources to several socially responsible projects:

  • Setting up and operating a centralized kitchen to provide nutritionally beneficial free food for up to 1000 people per day in major Indian urban centers
  • Providing managerial and organizational assistance in developing and expanding the “Heal The Heels Of India” Program to freely provide a natural Ayurvedic creme Padarakshini, specifically formulated to rapidly heal cracked heels and feet that are so prevalent among disadvantaged woman in rural Indian villages
  • Creating a Category 1 Social Venture Fund under the SEBI guidelines in India to deepen the impact and effectiveness of corporate investments that come under the “Corporate Social Responsibility regulations contained in the Indian Companies Act
  • Developing a multifaceted platform for CSR called to assist in seamlessly bringing together corporate and socially responsible ventures